Shyuran Ain Isolde Zillah
Age: 17
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 180 lbs. (oh noes! A fat chick is teh heroine!)
Iranian exchange student.

Shyuran is from a powerful, highly traditional Persian family living outside of Tehran. Her father sent her to finish her schooling in America, so she has been enrolled in Etherbridge Academy. She enjoys cooking, and is very directionally challenged. She gets nervous/blushy easily. Her clothing tends to lean toward the goth/punk style.

Suiren's Notes

I find that Shyuran is both adorable and fun to draw (albiet difficult at times). She has really the most interesting back story of the whole cast, but I'm not giving up any spoilers! You have to wait for them! Shyuran's original character was myself for a VERY old version of LiD that I did for a bit while in high school. I have long since burned those pages, and Shyuran has had an extreme makeover.

All characters and art herein are my property and I own them in all entirety. So nay-nay. Do not steal or distribute for fear of your life.

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