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Music: Spin Doctors - Two Princes
State of Mind: I wish I was in bed...
God, I'm so tired. Here's the new page. Sorry it's a week and a half late. It's been crazy
at work, which is why I'm so sleepy. G'Night

Music: Takagi Wataru - Fair Wind (Slayers Try OST)
State of Mind: Why do my days off go by so fast...? ;_;
Wow. An update that's only a day late. Amazing. I plan to keep it up, even though I'm running
out of already drawn pages. Yipes. Only about another 10 pages until the end of chapter 1, and
I promise things will get more exciting and I will do a new layout. I'm just not sure what yet.
G'Nyte, lovely readers. Valid Reason
Music: U2 - New Years Day
State of Mind: I hate my job.
Okay, I have a perfectly valid reason why I didn't update. My scanner has been on the fritz for
the past month or so, and I finally got it working again. Sorry for the delay. I do also plan
to come up with a new layout for the site, I'm just not sure what yet. And that will be for
another day.

Back from Another Haitus
State of Mind: MOTHERFUCKING HAND CRAMPING ARGH! I'm sorry to all my readers for my extened absense. I have to work out a few small personal crises, but
now, I'm back, and LiD is going to be better than ever. I'm experimenting with a few different techniques
and with my tablet, so, we should be progressing nicely. I want to thank everyone who had hung on (if there
is anyone left)with me and with this comic. I'm trying to get my act together and get back on this. Wish
me luck and enjoy the update.

Music:Natsumi Kiyaro - Tabi no Tochuu
State of Mind: Accomplished!
It's amazing! I actually update when I said I would! Mark the calendar. Not really. But yes, updates are
moving to Sundays since my work schedule has changed (I just hope it stays that way). On other note....
Yay Word Bubbles!

I live!
Music: Kotoko - Agony
State of Mind: Caffienated
Alright, everyone, I'm sorry about the long haitus. I'm back now. And I got a lot done over my extended
vacation. Updates should come more regularly now. Other than that, ain't shit happening. Aside from
another comic brewing on the horizons. Enjoy this issue, Updates will probably be moving to Sunday from
now on. G'Night!

Moving Along
Music: Massive Attack - Teardrop
State of Mind: Tired
Now that moving is complete, the comic updates should continue as planned. Please excuse the massive amounts of
white on this page. Jin is thinking naughty things and Shyuran does indeed have sheep pants. On another note,
I should have a forum up tomorrow sometime.

Back Again Only to Go
Music: Caramell - Caramell Dansen (motherfucking addictive song)
State of Mind: Living!
Alright. Here's the lowdown, folks. I am moving this week and into next. I hope to have our internet back up
so that I can post on time this coming week. Pages may be rarer for the next two weeks, but I will persevere.
In other news, I have joined NaNoWriMo, so, while I will be posting pages, I will probably not be very active
otherwise until Dec. 1st. I mean, I've got 30 days to write a 50,000 word novel. Other than that, today's page
has a bit-o'-fanservice. G'Night.

Music: MUCC - Chain Ring
State of Mind: AUGH!
So, good times. New page is up. It would have been up sooner if I didn't have a couple of drinks last night...
But um yeah. I get to go talk to our new apartment complex today and look at apartments. fun fun. And then I
have to pack because we want to be out of here on the 29 of this month (16 days). I hate moving, but it's
necessary. Hopefully once I move and find a better job, I'll be able to devote more time to this and GC. On
another note, I've joined a Otaku dating site. Should be interesting. Which is good. Because I'm lonely.

Music: Nightmare - The World
State of Mind: =_=
I promised and I (actually) deliever! Not much to say about these pages. My Photoshop is evil and conspiring
with my Manga Studios to delete my many layers of shading in the dark bits. Doesn't like them for some reason.
Oh well. Enjoy, and goodnight.

Music: Good Charlotte - Dance Floor Anthem (this is only song of theirs I like, fyi)
State of Mind: =_=
Okay. I know this is a few days late. Better late than never. I do still have two pages planned for Friday.
This was late because Photoshop decided to be a bastard so I couldn't to the text bits. I whipped it into
shape though. I really need to draw more pages (todays is really page 19 total, I have probably 30 total done).
I'll probably work on that tomorrow. G'night. Please keep reading and don't give up on me.

Music: Ariel Kill Him - I am Hollow
State of Mind: :D
And now we return to our regularly scheduled updates! Huzzah! I'm sorry about the very long haitus. Things are finally calming down, even though they are going to be back next month when I move. yay --. I dreaded doing this page because I wasn't very happy with it, but the lightning turned out INFINITLY better than the lighting in the last two. I will fix them shortly (ie tomorrow). For now, I must update GC. Oh, and for anyone interested, I'm hoping to have a forum up soon. GC has one now.

Late Again
Music: VAST - Dead Angels
State of Mind: Stressed
Well, I'm sorry I missed last week's update, and this past week's, but here are two pages to hopefully makes up for it. Also on Friday, there will be another double update. These two pages were a bitch and a half to do. My compy crashed twice on the first one, and the second one my mouse started to wonk out. But alas, they are done, although I will probably redo them in the near future. In other news, I am hunting for a new job that should hopefully allow me to work less for money and work more on this. And go back to school so I can quit the retail business. Oh, I also posted a new link here on the main page to the Glossary, which contains weird comic terms. Check it out! Goodnight, lovelies!

On Time
Music: Kotoko - Agony
State of Mind: Here but there
I will update the news tomorrow. G'night!

Hai desu
Music: Bump of Chicken - Karma
State of Mind: X_X
Okay, anyone who works retail knows that it's hell. I did double update this week although they are HORRIBLY late. I promise that this week the page will be on time. And those pictures will be up. Mark my words. These two pages could have turned out better, but they're not bad. *sigh* Goodnight all.

Sorry for another delay
Music: The Cranberries - Zombie
State of Mind: Tired and frustrated
I'm sorry for another late update. I'm trying to get back on track. I'm not terribly happy with this page. Jin and Shy both refused to be drawn correctly. I will still be doing a double update on Friday, as well as a Gallery update with a few new pics of Shyuran. Check out the links page, because Xanthian made me a link image so now you can link me with image and stuff if you want. Thanks, Xan. I'm tired, and going to bed now.

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