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Other Comics by me!
Comics I Read
* denotes yaoi or other mature content *

Dominic Deegan: Orcale for Hire
VG Cats*
Two Lumps: The Adventures of Ebenezzer and Snooch
Sharing A Universe*
The Prime of Ambition
Dream Like Destiny
I'm Always Right*
Khaos Komic*
Mango in Dreamland
Something New*
Angry Hatter's Happy House!*
For the Love of Yaoi* Haitus

My Other Links
Suiren Oki @ Y-Gallery! Warning: Yaoi Prons Ahead!
Suiren Oki @ DevART
My LiveJournal
GayGamer: For boys who like boys who like joysticks!
Kingdom of Loathing Greatest online game EVAR.
Margaret Cho's website! My hero! *luffs*

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